Access to data for larger organisation group

I am having difficulty extracting data from datadear, keeps saying loss of internet connect. I have tried all day with no luck. Is here any issues with the system ? It will work for small number of organisations (up to 15) but not for my group of approximate (68) organisations.

Hi @ETDSchools

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The Xero API limits the number of calls user can make at one time when pulling data through. This explains why you can pull through a group of 15 organisations but failing to pull through data for a group of 68 Organisations.

Might I suggest you split the data in multiple tabs and use the Refresh all button to Refresh the Tabs in one process. You can then use excel to consolidate your reporting. Iā€™d recommend using Power Query for this function, or speaking with one of our DataDear Experts that could deliver this project for you.

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