Account Owner cannot add a new user

I am the account owner and administrator for our company and having difficulties adding a new user. I get an error that says the account already exists, but it is not shown on the list of users. I am using Chrome and have deleted all cookies / history to see if that helps, but alas, no luck. Anyone know how to get around the problem? Thanks, Margaux

Hi @margaux.barradas

Thank you for getting in touch.

Can I suggest we continue this conversation my email so you can share with me the email address you are trying to add. I can then check on our system if the user actually already exists. As it is possible that the user has tried to create an account as is already registered with us.

Please send us an email on and we can investigate further.

Kind regards,


Hi @David,

The user did indeed sign up for a trial without my knowledge!! We have deleted the trial account and was able to successfully add them to our main account.

Thank you!!

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