Account Transaction Report with the whole audit history

After trying each month when the update came out I have finally got the account transaction report to work and pull in data. however, it is pulling in the full history from Xero, this includes the reversals Xero does in behind the scenes when a journal, invoice is edited once posted/approved.
What this creates is a really long and illogically account transaction report. And will be very hard to work out what the actual transaction is through the accounts.

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Currently this report is amazing for auditing purposes as you can see a full trail of everything, appreciate this does mean for some cases you get a lot of ‘noise’ within the data. The great thing is as it handles any changes, you only need to ‘Append’ each time to bring in the latest changes instead of refreshing the whole data set.

The account transactions report is constructed from the journals table. Unfortunately Xero do not identify whether a journal is final/reversal/editing. It’s one of the biggest requests from users to either, a) open the account transactions API or, b) identifier on journals.

If you support this you can help by giving a vote at;

In the meantime, in order to clean up this report you can do this via the maximum journal number per source ID. Hope of help!


Hi Merryn

There is a way how to do this filtering using Excel’s Power Query functionality - if you are interested in having such a report built according to your needs, feel free to reach out to DataDear support with a short brief of the report you would like to create.

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