Account Transactions report - duplication

Hi There.

I need a simple nominal account report showing all the transactions passing through a particular nominal ledger code, stated once and once only.

Using the “Account transactions” report achieves this only I have multiple repetitions/cancellations of each transaction, perhaps in part because tracking categories were added after initial posting. Whatever the reason it’s frustrating and there’s no obvious way around it aside from cleansing the data myself, which is not practical, not least because in many instances even the journal hash codes are identical. How to achieve this very basic funcationality with datadear please?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Timothee

thank you for getting in touch.

Have you tried using the Journals DataTable instead? in the Criteria window you can tick the box “Unique Records” only.

After this report has run Click the button “Append New transactions” to bring in the rest of the journals.


I believe this will give you a unique list as described above.



Hi David. I’ve tried that, but there’s no filter on that report for account code so you just get all transactions, plus there’s still alot of duplication.

As a workaround I’ve added tracking codes to the final transactions on the account codes I’m reporting from, but this is far from ideal.

It would be a really good idea to include this functionality as standard, i.e. a report of final transactions per account code as per the Xero built in account transactions report.