Account Transactions returning blank data


I want to download account transactions for this financial year to date. When I use the ‘Account Transactions’ option on the DataDear toolbar and input a date range, and click This Sheet or New Sheet this returns no data.

Are there any fixes for this?


Hi Christine

I so not experience this behaviour when using the date filter. Did you check if it works if you try to get all transactions?

Hi Neville

It works if I download all transactions, however I have several entities where all transactions relates to 4 years worth of data. I would like to avoid in the future, if possible.


Hi Christine - the next time you use the same button (and the same data table is open in your Excel), DataDear will only bring over any new transactions - already downloaded transactions will not be downloaded again.

I will investigate further the issue with dates as I do not have an issue from my machine.

Hi Christine,

Thanks for getting in touch! I too am not receiving the issue that you are. Can you try loading from a blank workbook please? If you still encounter the same issue, hit ‘report problem’ within the DataDear toolbar as it’s best for our team to investigate.

How this report/dataset works if you are to build of ALL transactions, on the first run it will go back to the very beginning, next time around it is just grabbing the latest edits and additions, meaning speed will be greatly improved once you’ve run it once :slight_smile:

The benefits of doing this, is you can also have your balance sheet account transactions and build reports off this data. One of our team or DataDear experts could show you an automated way of combining your 4 company data sets, please get in touch if of interest.


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