Account transactions summarised by Account and tracking categories

At the moment I am having to run all account transactions in order to be able to import into an excel workbook from which P&L’s, BS and cashflow (amongst other things) run. This takes a long time to run every time I need it. I can’t use “append” as this does not capture any tracking category or other changes made to previous transactions.

It would be great if a much smaller dataset of account transactions per month per account and tracking category combination could be run.

Or if Append could be changed to replace any edited as well as append new.

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The Append transactions function does not capture changes in tracking categories but it does capture changes in previous transactions by showing extra double entries that write off the original line and new double entries representing the change so in total you should still agree.

also, have you considered running the P/L and BS directly from DataDear? For example using the P/L multiple periods with periods as rows will allow you pull data with tracking categories and you can build your report from there.

Please let me know if anything of the above is not clear.

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Thanks David

Tracking category changes are definitely important.

And I’m unable to use the out of hte box as the workbook I am using the data for is dynamic, covers all history and has intermediary mapping involved.