Account Transactions

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Can I ask please if is it possible to generate account transactions report with same format in Xero?

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Just to clarify, you are asking if you can use DataDear to pull through the Account transaction in the same format as provided by Xero, correct?

DataDear does provide an Accounts transaction report, however the report is in a different format to what is provided by Xero. However, you can use the DataDear report to feed another report which can be build once in the same format as the Xero Account transactions report and using the Refresh button it can be refreshed when needed.

Please let me know if any of the above is not clear or if you require further clarification.



Hi David,

Thanks for the response. Can you please specify what DataDear report you are referring to that can be build in the same format as Xero Account transactions?

Hi @kinn.evangelista

The report is called “Account Transactions”.


You can run this report and build another Report using pivot table or simpler formulas that would feed off this report.

To refresh or add new transactions, all you would need to do click the Refresh button or Append new transactions in the Account Transactions report tab.

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