Accounts Transaction Xero Report equivalent

Hi there, I don’t understand where I can find the equivalent to a Xero accounts transaction report.
Eg not just invoices and credit notes but anything hitting an ledger code.

if it is DataDear Beta Account transaction it never works even if I select one day and one account. I can see several post on this without clear answers.

Thank you

Hi @SofOp

Just tried to run the report and did not have any issues (it was a bit slow this afternoon). Do you have any particular issues in running this report?

You may also try to use the Journals data table which is faster is it raw data directly from Xero.

Yes this report I have tried so many times it doesn’t work for me at all.

Journal data, am I wrong to think you can’t select a specific account? And it only let me know since beginning of time? you choose option from modified dates and you lose your options.


Hello @SofOp!

In regards to the Journal data table, currently, when selecting ‘Modified Since’ the filters are grayed out as you said. I have raised this internally to check the possibility of having the filters available on both options.

In regards to the Account Transactions report, I have tested the following scenarios separately and all worked successfully;

  • 3 random accounts
  • 1 account only
  • 1 particular day only
  • 1 particular day and 1 particular account

Can you provide a screenshot of your parameters window you are trying, which is not working for you, and also the behavior you are experiencing?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Hello SofOp,

In addition to my reply yesterday, the Journals data table can support filters when selecting ‘From Beginning of Time’ only, as the Xero API can only allow the ‘Modified since’ to be used on its own without any filters.

Looking forward to hear back from you.

Yes unfortunatley this doesn’t solve my problem at all. Accounts transaction would be th eone but if it has to run for one hour before you get any data (I don’t even know I have given up before) and journal you can’t select a ledger account so not what I need either.

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