Adding Users & sharing with client



Hey - I am still evaluating the software and would like to add additional users to Data dear.

  1. Can I limit what employees can access?
  2. Can I share some reports with the clients - I would need to limit access to a single organisation and possibly only the report created for this client. Would the client also need datadear installed?


Hi Jake

DataDear can be shared with users and rights can be assigned accordingly. There are 2 levels of access rights that can be assigned to an invited user:

  • Access to companies can be given as read only, read and write or no access at all
  • If access to a company is provided, further granular rights can be given to specific reports / data tables only.

Referring to your questions, the answer is yes to both. If you create a report for a client and they only need to see the report, DataDear is not required to be installed. If on the other hand, the client needs to refresh the report, then they will need DataDear installed and they can login with the user created within your account so they don’t need to pay for a licence.

You might want to have a look at this article


Hi - i like the user permissions. It would be nice if you could do changes in bulk and was a bit painful to change several organisations for a user. A multiple selection would be great!


Hi Jake

Your feedback is appreciated - we are aware this process is rather long for accounts with several companies / organisations. The product team is informed about this issue and a release addressing this problem will be released during Q1 2019.

You may also log this issue on the uservoice page


Please do let me know when this is updated.


Hi - was there any updates on this please? As I did notice some changes on the user permissions.


Hi Jake,

Yes, this has been implemented. It is now easier to apply user permissions for several companies together.


ok thank you for this change - very welcome