Are Budgets available in Smart P&L slicer template



I’ve downloaded the Smart P&L with slicers, which I’ve found to be very useful, but I don’t seem to be able to bring in any budget information. Is it supposed to?

There appears to be an ‘Actual or Budget’ Column in the Data tab, but I didn’t have an option to specify a budget anywhere when downloading.




Hi Andrew,

Thank you for reaching us!

Did you get any budget information or no data at all? You have to tick the ‘Include budgets’ within the parameters window;


Note: We do not have the feasibility from the Xero API to select which budget data we would like to extract, if there is more than 1 budget, so the main budget details will be downloaded.


Thanks, I was refreshing the report using the quick refresh, so I didn’t see the ‘Include Budgets’ check box.


Hi Andrew, thanks for confirming, glad this worked out!