August 2019 DataDear release



A new version of the DataDear Excel add-in and Dashboard will be released on Wednesday 14th August.

The new release includes:

  • Launching DataDear and WorkflowMax in beta - you can now download data tables from Practice Manager / WorkflowMax directly in Excel.


  • Launching UK Payroll in beta - you can now download data tables from UK Payroll directly in Excel.


  • Improvements to the User Access rights screen due to the new right ‘Refresh Only’ - now it is much easier to toggle between the different rights:

  • Minor improvements to the Xero Account Transactions report.

  • Minor changes to the toolbar in Excel - you may now easily check What’s New in the latest release :slight_smile:

  • Preparatory work for VAT Reporting for Xero Global edition - you may register your interest.

  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.

The upgrade will start at 7.00am UTC (18.00 AEDT / 20.00 NZDT / 09.00 CEST / 9.00 SAST / 00.00 PDT) and will take no more than 60 minutes during which DataDear will be not be available. The add-in will update automatically once you open Excel after the release is completed.