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We would like a report where you can have a balance sheet and P&L with multiple class columns. Is there such template available or can it be customized?

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Quickbooks Online

Hi @jsekhon

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What you described above is definitely possible with DataDear. Users can run the P/L and B/S with multiple periods and multiple columns.

The link below is an article from our knowledge base that illustrates this.

If you are unfamiliar with how DataDear works or what it can do can I suggest you spend some time in our knowledge base and go through some article? Below are a list of articles I think you might find helpful given the query above :

Please note that although these articles mention Xero, the menus and windows are almost identical to how DataDear will work with QB.

Please let us know should you require anything further.

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Hi David,

I do not see an option to select multiple classes across columns but with 1 period. I can only select one class. How can i create a balance sheet report with multiple classes across columns?

Hi @jsekhon,

Currently the QBO API does not allow us to pull through the Class and location columns unless they are defined by the user. So P/L and B/S can only be pulled through once 1 location or 1 class is chosen.

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