Bank Transactions



Good day

i am exporting the Bank Transactions table, I am confused in understanding what it is downloading.
The bankstatement itself will have for a month 300 lines, but this report only exports for example 78 lines . It will be missing a lot of transactions.

Thus you cannot see all bank entries.

If i download from the XERO website the Bank transactions , I do indeed get all the transactions, please advise urgently. i need to evaluate the tool for our company and need to give feedback if it will work for us within the next week.

Much appreciated.



Hi Tessa,

The data we get in our data tables is exported directly from Xero. Can you send me a screenshot of the parameters window you are using, please?

If you can also send us the 2 sheets with our report and the one exported from Xero In order for us to investigate further, you may send directly to