Box 6 on vat return



I must be going bananas. I’ve used the ledgers that come with datadear and filed the sub amount, vat and amount in as the ledger suggests. the figures automatically migrate onto the vat return, great, but box 6 requests the total sales LESS the VAT, not the full amount as per the ledger and tutorial. I only picked up on this after submitting the return. HMRC will now think we’ve underpaid the vat. from these figures. What do I do?



I am sorry to hear you had problems with the figures you submitted. If these have been submitted with HMRC, this will need to be fixed directly with HMRC and cannot be done via DataDear. Best to contact them and they will guide you accordingly. It would be nice if you could share the feedback from HMRC back on this forum to help others who might be having similar problems.