Break excel link

We download excel Profit and loss data from Xero. I now have a table in an excel file that is linked and refreshed from xero when opening the file. How do i break this link so that the previous downloaded data just sits in an excel table and is not refreshed by datadear. I want to break the link in only the one tab as we have other linked data in the same workbook that we need to keep links open.

Please can you assist urgently.

Hi Mark

You have 2 options - either leave it ‘linked’ and you do not use the refresh button hence data will not change/ be updated. Otherwise you can copy and paste everything into a separate sheet - this will unlink the DataDear from the data.

Thanks for the reply,
Its strange how there is no unlinking. Each time i open the excel sheet it need to auto refresh so that why i wanted to remove the link. Guess my only other option is to copy to a new sheet.

Hi Mark - it looks you have enabled the auto refresh, in that case you can go to Refresh > Automatic Refresh and unlink that sheet from being refreshed each time you open the workbook:


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