Budget info missing from Profit and Loss Multiple Periods (New)?

Using the template “Profit and Loss Multiple Periods (New)” the budget info does not come in.
I read an earlier post with this issue, but I am ticking the Budget box.
It happily pulls in Budget info on the Budget summary report OK.
I have already set support up with access to my accounts. Martlet Ltd.
Any suggestions?

Hi @britsport

Are you experiencing the missing budgets for all periods or for specific periods? So if you had to generate the P&L and the budget report separately for the same period, you get the required info?

Hi Neville,
I tried 2 different reports and pooped them into a spreadsheetTest Budget Data.xlsx (27.7 KB)
I think this system will allow them to upload.
And here are 3 screenshots so you can see the parameters I selected.
I’m new to your software so may just be doing things wrong…

Hi Neil,

Thank you, we have received access to the organisation. We will test and try to replicate on our side and keep you posted.

Hi, I am using the P&L - multiple periods (new) report and the budget data is not populating in the report. When I run the report in Xero I can see the budget data but it doesn’t export to excel. I can see that there have been a few queries raised regarding this issue however I can’t see a solution. I have ticked the include budget box and followed everything else in these scenarios.
Any suggestions?