Bulk payment Uploader?

I have a client that I’m trying to create a template for to upload bulk customer payments by invoice. When AR receives a check there is often a remittance advice that comes to with the payment which needs to be applied to specific invoices. Then there are number of various customer checks that are deposited into the bank at one time. I need to be able to upload each bank deposit that reflects the total payment received from the customers, and for each individual customer which invoices & credit memos that those payments are to be applied to. This is a common thing that needs to be done for medium size companies.

I had figured out to get data, but I can not seem to find a way to specify which invoices numbers I wish to retrieve - no list feature in the invoice / bill number conditions field. If there was an additional conditions field to specify if the invoice is paid or not, that would also work. With several thousand invoices per month, it does not take long before the file is to large to load into one spreadsheet. In my experience when you get to around 30K rows, Excel doesn’t work so well.

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Once you hit the button ‘Get data to edit’, you’ll be greeted with the below filter page. Here you can narrow down the data you’re retrieving, including by status, invoice number etc. Please see below;

Of course you can also filter the data once this is returned into your Excel.

Whilst we help you avoid the upload limits Xero impose (starting from as little as 300 lines), care does need to be taken whilst managing large volumes of data. We have successfully posted >17,000 lines in one transaction, check out Power Pivot if you’re concerned with Excels ability to manage your volume of data.

I hope this helps!

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