Can anyone help with this install problem?

Can anyone help with this install problem? I have been through the help files and carried out uninstall, latest down loads for Datadear and MS Office etc but still get this message Excel add-in.vsto did not succeed

Hi @MichaelR

Welcome to DataDear!

Can you check this article if you have Excel with Office 365

I have reinstalled MS Office and gone through the other steps which are advised and its still the same message: DataDear Excel add-in.vsto did not succeed, anything else I can try

Hi @MichaelR

Can you provide a screenshot of the error and let us know your Excel version.

Here are the screen shots

DataDearAddon cannot be found error DataDearunhandledexceptionerror


Hi @MichaelR

Excel 2008 is not supported - please refer to the below:

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