Can we add a new column to a existing data table in excel?

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I need to add an column in excel to a existing data table because the data table I want to use is missing a set of data that I need. But this data is available in a different table. Can I add the specific column I need from that table to the excel table I need?

What accounting software are you using?

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Users can add columns at the end of the data table or report and DataDear will retain and refresh these columns. So in your case you can have both tabs in excel and use Vlookup to call the data from one tab to the other. For this to work you have to have a common identifier in both columns so the Vlookup can match the identifier and return the correct cell.

Let me know if the above is not clear or if you would like further details on how this can be done. If you have sensitive data that you would not like to share publicly you can also send us an email on and we can continue looking into this together.

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