Cancel button when updating all sheets



Hi - please can you include a Cancel All option when the app has been set to update all sheets and one of them fails for whatever reason? If I lose internet or there is some other kind of problem then I need to crash out of excel or go through every single report and cancel it to close off the process.


Hi Richard,

Thank you for the suggestion. I understand your case even though this might not occur very often. Does this happen regularly for you, or facing any particular problem?

It might be quite a tricky situation to implement, how do you see this working?


Hi Clifton,

I wouldn’t say it happens that often but when it does it can take what feels like 30 minutes to clear off all the updates, especially if I am running for an entity with bank revaluations as I need to have 36 sheets for this part of the reporting build.

At the moment, if there was an error in connecting or retrieving data then you are presented with an error message and then the setup for the data extract that failed. In my mind, either that error message would have the option to Cancel All Refresh or within the setup for the the data extract a button would give you that option.

Something like that?