Cannot 'add service' with VAT MTD template




I have downloaded the DataDear VAT MTD template and added basic data, however I cannot add a service. The button is greyed out.

I also get the ‘Oops’ error which states that it may be suffering from a lack of internet connectivity.

Does anyone have any suggestions?




Hi Sam

I had a look at your account and noticed that you are not the owner of the DataDear account - You will need to ask the account owner to give you access to the HMRC

You may follow this link


Thanks Neville,

I have fixed that issue and now continue to get the ‘oops’ message when trying to refresh the VAT MTD template so that it retrieves our obligations.



Hi Sam,

Glad the first part is resolved!

Can you confirm the organisation has been signed-up for MTD using one of the links below (depending on whether an agent is acting or not) and received a confirmation from HMRC, please?

Business or Sole Trader -
Agent to submit for clients -


Hi Clifton,

Yes, the first link. We’ll be submitting for ourselves, not via an agent.




Hi Sam - Are you still problems or has this been resolved? Can the account owner refresh the template to check if the problem is with the user or with the HMRC?


The account owner can refresh the template, however it now suggests that it cannot find any outstanding period data. This sounds like an HMRC error, but is it something you have seen before?


Hi - You will need to speak with HMRC on that one :slight_smile: