Cannot save preset filters

You have this answer about a new plugin ‘Save Preset’ button missing - :chart_with_upwards_trend: Reporting & Visuals - DataDear Community Forum

However is there any chance that you could just provide a ctrl-[p + s] shortcut that provides a keyboard shortcut so that we can save the preset when the save button is not visible?

This may be implementable with the current plugin used, while you are building out the new plugin? And can help us use presets (which is crucial to usability)?

I am trying to use Profit and Loss - Multiple Periods - and without being able to save the preset, datadear is a lot of extra work to use.

Hi @douglas.ross

thank you for getting in touch I will float this by our engineers and see if it is doable.

Have you tried changing the resolution mentioned in the article you pointed out?

As a temporary solution have you tried running different P/Ls with different criteria in different tabs? You can run a different P/L in each TAB that has different criteria, Data dear will save these on first refresh and all you would need to do is click Refresh current sheet quick going forward.

Hope this helps.