Can't upload the the support workings as an attachment to Xero

Hi Guys,

I have tried to upload the support workings as an attachment to Xero as per the Notes. But I only can post the invoices, the support workings didn’t upload with the invoices.

Anyone can let me know the reason? Is there any requirements for the attachment?

Many thanks.


Hi @accounts

You might want to have a look at this KB article re attachments when posting to Xero.

Hi Neville,

I did that, but still not working. I can’t see the support document attached with the invoice.

Hi @accounts

I have tried this on a test organisation and the attachment got uploaded to Xero.

Can you confirm that the ‘Customer Invoice Ref’, column I, is identical to the name of the sheet that you wish to attach?

Once uploaded, this attachment should show in Xero as follows, within the invoice;


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