Confused With Using Excel To File Direct to HMRC

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I use Excel 2007 to do the accounts. I have signed up to DataDear and added an organisation and connected to HMRC to grant access etc.
I have tried to install the add-in and even though it shows the ‘wizard’ and it then appears on my desktop as the following:First icon - DataDear Excel add-in Windows Installer Package and the Second icon: Datadear setup DataDear Excel add-in for cloud accounting software it doesn’t appear within the Excel toolbar either on the 2007 version or within Office 365.
I have watched the training video but i am really confused - what am i doing wrong?
Thank You in advance for any help and guidance.


I can point you to these articles on how to install DataDear and supported versions - Excel 2007 is not supported:

What version of Excel am I using?

How do I install the DataDear Excel Add-In?

If this is already installed, do not install this again, instead then have a look at this article:

How do I enable DataDear when it’s not visible in Excel?