Consolidate multi entity accounts - PNL - Reporting Code

Hi I wonder if you can help. I am looking to use datadear to consolidate our multi entity accounts in Xero. I would like to map my xero nominal ledger accounts so I can use the reporting codes in the Datadear template but I can figure out how or where to? Anyone able to help??

Hi @jthomas

You knocked on the right door! DataDear is capable of generating consolidated reporting for a group of companies. In fact we have several groups using DataDear for consolidation purposes.

After you connect the Xero organisations to DataDear, you can create a DataDear group in a chosen base currency. You can then generate a set of multi-period management reports in the base currency. Reports include the Trial Balance, the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss (including tracking categories for the group).

I suggest you have a look at the following articles for further assistance:

Hi Neville
thank you for your reply. I have created the group but unfortunately although we require consolidated PNL and BS it needs to be showing the individual companies. That’s why I was interested in the reporting codes. I can’t see on Xero anywhere to set these up but as the report has the reporting code, I was wondering where these comes from as it would allow me to map the individual companies COA. When I map these in the actual report, everytime I refresh the data it gets reset to blank so I am assuming that this information must to come from Xero?

I will watch the webinar.
Many thanks

Hi @jthomas

The consolidated reports are stitched together from the individual reports sent by Xero. In Xero you can setup these repporting codes under Advanced accounting > Report Codes.

If you need to change (add or edit) accounts across various companies, the Chart of Accounts template in the DataDear Templates Library can speed up the process. You might want to look into that.

Hi Neville,
thank you, I will look at the Chart of Accounts template.

Many thanks
Kind Regards

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