Consolidation - none of the templates are working correctly

I have been selecting a consolidated Balance Sheet, P&L and Trial Balance (separately and together using your templates) and the periods only go up to June 2018 so I can’t get any current information. Also, the accounts are listed in Rows - first one company and then the other company below the first company - so the amounts are not consolidating. I would like to get at least columns or ideally, the consolidated totals in the correct reporting currency. I have read various tips and tricks, reporting entries and a webinar. There aren’t a lot of choices to make mistakes but there are also not a lot of ways to make corrections to get correct, complete, consolidated reports. Please direct me to webinars, YouTube videos, etc. so I can see if your software actually works to perform consolidations.

Hi @kay.mendelsohn

I did not fully understand if you wish to get older data or newer data from June 2018 - in both cases it is possible.

Companies are listed under each other so they can easily be converted in to a pivot chart which can then give you all the required reports. Did you have a look at the Smart Profit & Loss for Xero in the Templates library - as this is a very good starting point with sample pivot table and slicers.