Customised TB (or P&L) report with account code and tracking category

Is it possible to produce a TB (or P&L) report in the format set out below using Datadear?

  1. Account code, Account name, Account Type AND Tracking Category - i.e. to split account balance into each category

  2. Periods in chronological order (not reverse order)

  3. Account balance for P&L accounts being for the period only not cumulative

The data must be in there, but I just can’t get at it!

The attached file is the output I’m trying to achieve. I don’t currently use datadear but would do if this output is achievable.

I’m using tracking category for cost centre reporting, but it needs to be more sophisticated/flexible than the reports in Xero allow.

Hi @joneschrisuk

Many thanks for getting in touch and for showing interest in DataDear.

YES what you are mentioning above very achievable. I would suggest doing the following. Create a DataDear login and get hands on trying this out. DataDear is free for the first 30days and you would have FULL FUNCTIONALITY during the trial period. So it would be the perfect time for you to experiment and explore all that DataDear can offer. Below is a link on how to install the DataDear add-in after you have created a Trial account.

Below is also a link on how to use a P/L report we already have setup in DataDear, which I believe is what you want.

We also have DataDear Experts which have been hand picked for their skill in excel and problem solving. So if you might need further help building the report you desire they are always ready to help.

Hope the above helps,


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HI David

Thanks for this. Just to clarify, if I was to use this process, I would need to run a report separately for each tracking category?

I’m looking to have a single report/dataset which shows each tracking category separately for each account number (for whatever period/s are selected).

If I’m reading this example correctly, the tracking category is not embedded in the report structure but is a filter in the data pulldown. (Therefore, to get a complete report for each category would require the report run multiple times with different categories filtered). Hope that makes sense!

It might just be that what I’m seeking to do is not possible with Xero data - but I’ll like to know whether that’s true or not!

Hi @joneschrisuk,

There is no need to run separate reports. The Profit and Loss - Multiple Periods report allows data to be displayed in rows, this will give you a column for all tracking categories that you can filter by. The below screen shot might give you a clearer indication of what I mean.

All our templates are extremely flexible. I really do suggest you give the free trail a shot, it’s free to try and takes a few seconds to install.

Hope this helps.


Thanks David - that’s what I’m after!

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