Customising P&L report layout

I was looking for customising my P&L layout in Datadear. I want to group all payroll related GL’s as payroll under the expenses table. How do I do that?

I am using Xero accounting package.

Hi, thanks for reaching out!

There are several ways you can handle this, either within Excel, Xero or a combination of the 2. Creating this grouping structure plus any more you may have to see summarised vs detailed views. The easiest if you just need for a few accounts is likely Excel.

I’d recommend using the Profit & Loss Multiple Period report feed with period as rows ticked, bringing the data into a structured table that’s perfect for grouping and tailoring to your exact requirements to consume your reports and data.

Our DataDear Experts keep an eye on this channel but this is new, so it could be worth reaching out to one in your area if you need further assistance


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@UPatel - we are looking to do something similar. Did you end up contacting an expert to help you with this?