Data by tracking categories



Currently testing functionality and we need to be able to report using tracking categories so how can I get TB or multi-period P&L data by tracking category?
Thanks Andrew


Hi Andrew

You can report using tracking categories using both the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss multiple period reports. I would start by looking into the Smart P&L with slicers in the Templates Library as this workbook already contains sample data and a sample pivot table with the ability to report by tracking categories. You can then amend the pivot table according to your needs.

Let us know how that goes!


Yes - had a look and it seems what we need - can I change the pivot table? Will Datadear still work if I play with how the report is displayed?


Hi Andrew

Yes sure - pivot tables can be amended as required - the smart P&L is only meant to be a starting point (we do appreciate that this can be useful as-is to several users as well) to show users how to create one. Keep in mind that pivot tables need to be refreshed every-time DataDear is refreshed.