Data copy not working

Not sure that this is in the right section - I couldn’t see any that cover licensing or pre-sales.

I have just started a trial with just one requirement - to take full backups of our Xero data - including the attachments. I was a bit concerned I couldn’t do a test data copy as part of the trial, so committed to the minimum £90 for 2 backups.

I have tried multiple time frames (I need the last 5 years) but each fails due to the number of attachments - even this year to date. This is not for a large organisation - just a local coffee shop.

I understand Xero puts a limit on the API calls, but surely that’s something your system can work around and chunk the backup over several days if needed?

I’m left thinking that this part of the functionality is not fit for purpose and since I have not been able to use either of the data copies request a refund. I’m happy to try again if you improve this functionality, but for now just think I’ve been tricked out of £90.

Hi @simon ,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Can you kindly contact support by sending us an email on so we can discuss further?

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Hi @simon

Thank you for getting in touch via support. The issue has been resolved as per our email conversation.

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