Data copy tokens

I would like to try the datacopy feature - is this where I ask for tokens?
How else would I contact support?
Thanks guys - this app is very valuable!

Hi Neil

Tokens have been assigned to your account

Thanks for sharing

Can I have some more tokens please?
I have 2 dormant companies and as there is a lot of historic data I need to do it a year at a time.
Eventually I can close these Xero accounts and save the money.
Hey I’ll spend it on your excellent Excel link and Data backup service for my 2 new companies!
Stay safe.

Sure - I just added more tokens to your account :smile:

If you have a minute, we would appreciate if you could help us by rating DataDear on the Xero marketplace.

Can you say why I struggle to get data from one of my companies.
I cannot add it in as every time I get sent to the Website under maintenance message.

I managed to get it linked and was able to backup most recent 2 years data but further back in time it fails.
You can see this on my data backup history.
Any suggestions?

Hi @britsport

That is quite odd - are you able to share this organisation with the DataDear support team so we can have a look?

Sure Neville,
What do you need?
It is called IWF Ltd and is scheduled to leave Xero in a month.
The company closed Feb 2019 but only now can I feel safe to stop Xero.
I think I have everything I need now thanks to DataDear.
But if you want to use it to test you systems I am OK with that.

Hi @britsport

Did you manage to get the data beyond the last 2 years?

If not it would be best if we check so please invite from within Xero as follows:

  1. Login to Xero
  2. Visit the User page under the Settings Menu Item
  3. Click on Invite a User and enter the email (You may use DataDear Support as First and Last name)
  4. Select Business and accounting > Standard
  5. Choose the Send Invite

Let us know if you experience any problems to send out the invite.

I’ve sent the invite.
I don’t know if it matters, but back then we used to record every web transaction in Xero and we had lots.
Nowadays we just record the daily takings as one entry, much smaller Xero files.
Is there a best practice?
The backup method we used the would fail due to too many transactions.

Hi Neil,

Would you be able to re-send the invite as I had some issues to accept the invite, please.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Sure - all done.
No problem.

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