Data extracting as credits when debits in Xero

I am using the Smart Profit and Loss report to consolidate 3 companies. All data is extracting correctly, except for items in Type “EXPENSE” in one of the companies. This is causing the modified Group value to switch the sign and also displays the wrong Net Profit in the Profit and Loss report, but because it is not consistent across all companies, I cannot change this to reconcile back to the Net Profit per the system.

In the screenshots, you can see for example, Direct Costs are extracting correctly as a net debit for the Feb 21 period, but Bank Fees are extracting as a net credit in one company. However, Bank fees in another company are extracting correctly as a net debit, and in the same way as Direct costs.

Please help me resolve this so I can start using the tool and look at purchasing it.

Thank you

Hi DataDear Team

I was wondering whether anyone has had a chance to look into this for me?

I also added this to another ticket but did not get a response. Is there a bug in the report?


HI @lindsey.hutcheon

Can you please send us clearer versions of these screenshot together with the excel report to ?

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HI David

I added better screenshots to the other ticket but here you go.

You will see that I have changed the formula to include Transfercosts as a category. I could do this because all accounts that belong to this type of expense across all companies, are extracting in the same way. WRT Bank fees however, this is not the case. Some export as negative amounts when they are debits in the system, but in another company they extract as a positive amount.

I need to email the report. Please provide an email to send it to thanks


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