DataDear Add not visible in xls after activating in Options/ Add-Inns

Hi Neville, I am unfortunately once more having problems using Datadear. The Datadear add-in is not visible in xls.
When I go to Add-Inns it shows

  • DataDearLoader under Inactive Application Add-inns, and also
  • DataDear under Disabled Application Add-Inns.
    When I go to Manage COM Add-Inns, I can see DataDearLoader.
    I click on it and OK, it spins shortly but that is it.
    I close xls and then reopen it, but seems to have had no effect. I do not see the DataDear Addin nor is there any change when I go Options and then Addins.
    I am afraid there is no "File > Account - Not even when I open a blank workbook).
    I did however click on Microsoft upload center, but it says no files are pending upload.
    I also did, Click the Start button, click All Programs, and then click Windows Update.
    This results in one failed update for internet explorer. I tried again, but it continues to fail. It does however not seem related. Please let me know how I cna fix this. Many thanks

Hi @pietervandyck,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Have you followed all the steps mentioned in the article below from our Knowledge base.

If so and this is still not working can you please let us know what version of Excel you are using?

Kind regards,


Unfortunately, today is the deadline for filing VAT.
I have been trying to file for the past 2 hours without much success.
The problem seems to be that DataDearLoader is inactive in application Add-ins.
I followed the steps you mentioned many times.
I also did this one about 11 times.

Can you please help and let me know where this is going wrong?
Thanks, Pieter