DataDear Group - Expense Type for one Entity showing as positive the other is negative

I am running the Profit & Loss Multiple Periods (new) Report for a group of 2 Xero orgs. Expenses for one are showing as negative numbers while on the other they are showing as positive. Is there something in Xero I can change for this?

Hi Brett

This is not something we can replicate with our test organisations. Can you give us access to both organisations so we can check please? If you agree, these are the steps to follow.

If you agree, kindly invite from within Xero as follows:

  1. Login to Xero
  2. Visit the User page under the Settings Tab
  3. Click on Invite a User and enter the email
  4. Select Business and accounting > Standard
  5. Choose the Send Invite

Let us know if you experience any problems to send out the invite.

Did this get solved, i’ve got the same problem

Hi @steven.dong

Thank you for getting in touch.

Yes the issue has been logged with our product team and is still pending.

Kind regards,