DataDear March 2020 release

Welcome to March 2020 release - providing additional POST & EDIT templates and improved security around how you and your employees interact with DataDear.

POST & EDIT Purchase Orders


Another new POST & EDIT template for QuickBooks Online. The Xero Purchase Order has also been improved to allow both POST and EDIT. Both allow bulk post, edit and inactivate purchase orders directly from Excel.

Xero Tracking Categories template has been upgraded to also allow edit and inactivate tracking options. This is a massive improvement on what can be done directly from Xero as you can easily create, edit and hide tracking options within a few clicks.

Sign in with Intuit (and soon with Xero)

You may now register and sign in to DataDear using your Intuit account. This improves the security of how you and your users access DataDear. Registered DataDear accounts need to link their account to Intuit by visiting the Profile page in the Web Dashboard. A new section on how to link the account can be found on that page.

The team is currently working on providing the same functionality to login with a Xero login.

New Web Dashboard login screen:

New Excel login screen:

Improved logs and monitoring

DataDear is a collaborative tool used by invited users (staff and clients) who may be required to use the software on certain devices or from certain IP addresses. As team gets bigger, it will be more complex to monitor what employees are doing.

We have now started capturing additional user details including the MAC address of the user device. The MAC address is a unique code for each device - this will ensure the users are accessing DataDear from the authorised device. This information can be viewed in the Web Dashboard and/or downloaded as a Data Table in Excel.

Request Custom Solution

DataDear is used by more than 5,000 finance teams worldwide and this creates a need for custom solutions which may not be available out of the box from DataDear. With the right understanding of Excel and the accounting software various experts can help with creating these solutions. We have therefore created a new channel where these custom solutions can be requested.

HMRC - MTD VAT submission

Allowing agents to file reports on behalf of their clients in an easier way. Agents will need to reconnect with DataDear.

An issue related to some characters not accepted when creating the name of the company has been resolved.

Other Improvements

  • VAT Return - Several improvements to the generation of the VAT return module.

  • QuickBooks Online Reports - A number of reports and integration issues have been addressed.

  • Xero Contacts - The groups associated with a contact are now displayed within the same contact row.

  • Xero Account Transactions Report - Some users where experiencing problems with duplicate rows showing instead of appending new transactions. The process has been improved to ensure these instances do not happen if the work sheet is renamed.

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

The upgrade will start on the 18th March at 7.30am UTC (18.30 AEDT / 20.30 NZDT / 08.30 CET / 9.30 SAST / 23.30 PST) and will take no more than 60 minutes during which DataDear will be unavailable. The add-in will update automatically once you open Excel after the release is completed.