DataDear Not Appearing in Office 365 Excel



Hi Folks,

I downloaded and installed the latest DataDear software onto my computer:

Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1903 OS Build 18362.175

The install appeared to run through successfully however after launching Excel I did not see the DataDear tab. I’m running:

Microsoft Excel for Office 365 MSO (16.0.11727.20222) 32-bit

I did see the other posts on this forum but the mentioned articles haven’t helped:

When I tried the above COM add-in method the DataDearLoader doesn’t appear at all. I can however Add… and navigate to:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Scope SaaS\DataDear but selecting DataDear Loader.dll results in an error:

‘C:…\DataDear Loader.dll’ is not a valid Office Add-in.

I also looked at:

But this doesn’t seem to be the issue either.

Any suggestions?



Hi Dave

Thank you for reaching out! Are you installing on a server or virtualised environment by any chance?


Hi Clifton,

No, its on my Acer laptop, nothing virtualized.



Hi Dave

Do you have any anti-virus or firewall software which might be blocking DataDear from updating and loading? If the problem persists, we can organise a remote session so we can have a look and help out with the installation.


Hi Neville,

I do have antivirus/firewall software but I disabled it, removed DataDear, downloaded the latest version, reinstalled it - and still no luck.

I can see what appears to be the correct files. In the same directory mentioned in my original post I have:

  • DataDear Loader.dll
  • DataDear Utils.dll
  • DotNetZip.dll
  • Microsoft.Office.Tools.Comon.v4.0.Utilties.dll
  • Microsoft.Office.Tools.dll
  • Microsoft.Office.Tools.v4.0.Framework.dll
  • Newtownsoft.Json.dll
  • NLog.dll
  • ObjectListView.dll



Hi Dave

You have less files than a normal installation - something on your PC is deleting some files and hence DataDear cannot load. This is what I see in my DataDear installation folder: