Date/Time stamp on updated reports



We’re bringing a number of standard financial reports (TB, P&L, BS) from Xero to DD. Is it possible to print:
a. the period of the report;
b. date/time stamp on of the latest update;
along with the name of organisation and report name?
Thank you,


Hi David

May I ask which reports you are generating from DataDear? DataDear reports do not have a timestamp and as such it is something you can add yourself on a separate sheet. Did you have a look at the sample Management report on the Templates Library to understand how to best bring over data across multiple reports and refreshing all? This sheet can also be used for including a date.

This may also be a nice addition to DataDear - we will log it in our system for evaluation.

When it comes to data tables, there is an option to append data to the bottom of the table based on last updated date but I don’t think this will solve your query on reports.


Thank you for your reply Neville,
You see, we have 5 organisations with quite complex consolidations rules. In order to achieve this on monthly basis I’m extracting Trial Balance of each entity.
Currently cell A1 contains name of organisation, B1 name of the report - it would be good to have in C1 the date(s) of the report and in D1 the time stamp indicating when the extract was created. Hope this make sense.
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Hi David

Yes it does make sense and I see value in having this info within the report. We will discuss internally and keep you informed - seems a straight forward improvement which the technical team would need to assess.

At this stage, may I suggest you include this manually?


Hi David,

We have good news! In the last deployment done last week, we have added the timestamp to our reports and data tables, showing both the date and time. Hope this helps!


Thank you very much Clifton,

This is very useful!
One other item I was thinking about - along with the above, it would be good to have name of the report along with input values, i.e. “from/to dates” for P&L, “date” for TB & BS, tracking options used, etc. The data is there, it just needs to be dumped to a worksheet.

Thank you,


Hi David

You are welcome!

Thank you for your feedback.This is slightly more complex and will involve more investigation, however, we will discuss on the possibility internally.