Debit & credit balancing errors

I am trying to upload my fortnight payroll journal. We have not changed anything in our system (xero) or our template and I am getting the same error message no matter what I do.

  1. total debits (0.00) must equal total credits (-187117.76) - they both total 187117.76.
  2. says “a manual journal must contain at least 2 lines” - it is 95 lines.
  3. says “total debits (187117.76) does not balance total credits (-33.40)” - both of my columns total 187117.76
    It does not seem to be paying attention to the first line of my journal - which is the credit entry.
    I have tried the following :
  • make all the items inclusive of tax - same error message just tax inclusive amounts
  • move the credit entry to within the journal - same error message
  • refreshed the journal - same error message
  • removed any formulas from with the journal - same error message
  • checked the accounts that are causing the issue are correct and have not been changed - same error message



Hi @makeisha.bleus

Welcome to the community forum.

Can you please use the Report Issue button in the DataDear toolbar and ensure the workbook is attached so we can have a look at the journals.