Deleted a company in error - Can't connect again

Hi Deleted a company in data dear by accident linked to Xero

Its telling me it’s not available to reconnect as already connected

How do i fix this

Our organisations have gone all funny today loads are being duplicated

I deleted the duplicate ones and then had to reconnect to them and when i reconnect i end up with two databases for the one company

Hi @nicola.ryan

You will need to delete the connected organisations to redo the handshake between DataDear and Xero when that happens - it is probably related to the migration to the new Xero authentication which was implemented recently in DataDear.

I would suggest the following:

  1. Delete the duplicate companies in DataDear
  2. Then go to Xero > Settings > Connected Apps


  1. Use the Disconnect button - DataDear may be listed more than once if you have duplicates in your DataDear Dashboard - best to disconnect everything.

Thanks Neville

That worked, our datadear went a bit crazy last Friday.

A few of our companies duplicated and I removed them all.

Just making sure we won’t be charged for all the adding and deleting the accounts.

As it happened a few of them.



Hi @nicola.ryan

Glad that worked! :slight_smile:

There is a risk it might happen so please let us know immediately once the Invoice has been generated on the 1st of the month.

Will do as i had to delete a few of them as they link with xero wasn’t working

Enjoy the rest of your day


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