Detailed trial balance




I am trying to run a TB report which extracts the detailed trial balance from Xero, but it extracts all data as a positive.

Is it possible to have debits as positive and credits as negative using DataDear? Am I doing something wrong in the configuration?



The Trial Balance report is provided by the Xero API so the report settings cannot be changed. In fact, the Trial Balance Multiple Period report is then built by DataDear engine based on the one submitted by Xero.

You can however include an extra column at the end of the report which would allow you to distinguish between the different values using the Type column and and the =if formula.



Hey Chris,

Have a try with both the TB reports available, the standard Xero report splits debits and credits into 2 columns, these could be easily combined and shown as a negative if required. The DataDear TB report doesn’t show debits and credits, just positives or negatives so may be exactly what you’re after!

If Neville’s answer is the best fit, download our smart P&L report from our templates library, this will show you the concept of adding an additional column and modifying the values.

Please let us know if you can’t surface the information you’re after.