Does "append new transactions" only add new or also changes?

Does “append new transactions” only add new transactions or does it also pull changes to already pulled data (eg if a tracking category is changed)?

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The Append functionality is useful when downloading data on a regular basis - example, a list of Invoices on a monthly basis. Instead of Downloading the full list every time, you can choose Last Month as a date range and choose Append. This functionality does not check if a record is already present in the Excel.

I would suggest you look into the the article we have regarding Append and refresh.

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Thanks David. I’m using the “account transactions” function so refresh isn’t an option and I have to re-run if I need to update but yes, your answer gave me what I need.

For info, I am doing this data pull primarily to create a database at which I can point PowerBi. It would be infinitely preferable if I could have the database auto- refresh in an Azure data warehouse. Is there a Datadear solution available for this already?