Does DataDear do the following?

Hi There

I have some questions regarding DataDear.

Our Group manages 300 + entities, and we are considering putting all 300 + entities on to separate Xero files.

My first question is around customer/supplier contact management. Say we have a new supplier and we want to create a new Supplier Contact including bank details, is it possible to input the details once into DataDear, and then easily sync across all 300+ Xero files? (As opposed to adding one by one)

My next question is whether certain functions can be limited to certain users? For example, we only want certain staff members to be able to change Supplier contact details (as it contains bank details). This is for our internal risk purposes.

My next question is around Aged Payables. Every Wednesday we do payments for all 300+ entities. Would like to know whether it is possible to generate a consolidated accounts payable report, as this will save us time of having to run the accounts payable report from 300+ separate Xero files.

My next question is around Chart of Accounts, and whether it is possible to have a Master Chart that easily syncs across all 300+ Xero entities. And say we add a new account to the Master Chart, then can this be easily synced across all 300+ Xero entities? (As opposed to adding one by one)

My last question is around paying bills. Is it possible to select the Bills which we would like to pay via DataDear, and then sync this up with Xero and create a banking ABA file ? (separate ABA files of course for each entity or each bank account)

Looking forward to your response.


Hi Nick

Thank you for your interest in DataDear.

The approach of using a different Xero file for each of the entity is a common practice and would work quite well to achieve your objectives.

DataDear will not be able to help with so many different entities - I would suggest you look into a dedicated financial consolidation software tool such as CFOUR -

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