Downloaded DataDear but it is not showing in Excel

:space_invader: What is the problem you need to solve?
we have downloaded datadear but it is not showing in excel

What accounting software are you using?
xero and office 365

Hello @d.healy

Have you looked at this article as DataDear does not work with all version of Office 365?

Yes, thank you. It was an issue with the administrator signin, which is now sorted.
Separate question though, can you tell me whether the parameters included with the Sample Management Report template will be updated to include 2021?

Hello @d.healy

Thanks for the update.

I took note of the template and this will be updated shortly.

Can I extend the trial period please. I have not been able to spend the time on this over the last month

Hi @d.healy,

Your trial has been extended till 28/02/2021.

Kind regards,