Duplicate Profit and loss table from xero in excel

We download a Profit and loss report from Xero into excel. We then need to run calculations on each row that is imported. Datadear automatically creates a table with the imported data.
My question is how can i setup a duplicate table (of the datadear import) in another excel tab so i can run calcs on each datadear row.
The reason I now need a duplicate table is that in a recent Datadear update all helper columns are now deleted when refreshing a datadear table.

The "Linked table would need to expand dynamically as the datadear table expands without th user needing to drag the formulas down.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Mark

A small fix was released this morning to address this problem. Columns added at the end of a data table or report will not be deleted so I am not sure your question is still valid.

Thanks for that, Been trying to find another solution for hours. Thanks goodness its fixed.

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