Error Code 0 - MTD Submission



Hello - I have completed two submissions to date, but today, I have tried to submit a VAT Return for another client and it keeps coming up with an Error Code which I click the refresh button in Excel. The full error code is:

Oops … There has been an unexpected error returned from HMRC. Please try again later and if the problem persists, please click the Report Problem icon in the DataDear toolbar so we can investigate.

Error code 0 - Organisation: HMRC - xxxxxxx

I have logged off Datadear, downloaded a new version of the excel template. Re-authorized my HMRC link and general turned off and on my computer but cannot seem to get rid of this error.

I have three returns to do today and need help…


Hi Ricci_Jenner

It could be that HMRC was not in a position to ‘receive’ the vat return. This can be the reason you managed to post the previous submission.

Please try again later on in case their service is not working. Otherwise, if this keeps failing, let us know so we can try and replicate the OLE error.

We are also investigating ways how we can improve messages displayed during the process.