ERROR in pulling data to update, ERROR reporting Problems

OLE Error when pulling data into the Xero template named Xero Invoices Template 2.2

The organization I need this for has hundreds of thousands of transactions. Works on other organizations that have very little a hundred transactions.

Screenshots below. (but i can only post 1 image, what a joke!)

I get the feeling I am wasting time with this app. If it cant work with large data sets what is the point!

Someone from support please contact me.

Hi @blake,

Many thanks for your interest in DataDear.

Best way to tackle this problem is to break it down in steps. Firstly, can you please explain at what stage in your process, you are getting the OLE error?

According to the screenshot you sent, at this stage the Invoice template is not retrieving any invoices so the number of transactions shouldn’t be a factor. So it is important for us to understand at what stage in your process the error is popping up.

In the mean time with regards to the OLE error below is an article explaining why a user would typically get an OLE error.

We look forward to hearing from you.