Error Message: Token Expired: token expired at // :: - What does this mean?


I’ve just tried running a consolidated Balance Sheet however I am getting the below prompt:

*Oops … There has been an error returned from Xero when using XXX Pty Ltd. This can be a business or technical related error. If you’re unsure what this means and the problem persists, please click the Report Problem icon in the DataDear toolbar so we can investigate.

Error message: Token Expired: token expired at // ::"

Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it? I’ve never had this issue before. I have tried reconnecting to Xero but that hasn’t fixed it.

Thanks guys,

Hello @JonTCN

Can you try to delete the Xero connection from within the Dashboard and reconnect the company. If this does not work, please check if you can download any other data table - such as the Accounts data table.


Yes that has worked. Thanks for your help.


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