Error Message Token has expired or been revoked

Hi I have tried to run the trial balance consolidated report and receiving the error message below

I have been unable to use the report problem function on the spreadsheet. It states that an error has occurred and I should contact support.

Could you advise how to resolve the token being expired?


I am having the same issue. Ontop of this, I am unable to use the Add Orgnisation button on the Excel tool bar. Refer to the attached photo.

Hi @angela.a

You will need to reconnect the company as suggested by the message. Let us know if you keep experiencing this problem.

Hi @jag1

It looks like you are not the account owner of the DataDear subscription. The account owner can either give you rights to add a company or else it will need to be connected directly by the owner.

I am the account owner and whilst I can now add organisations through Excel, I am still unable to upload data as I am getting the same error “Access Token not authorised or has been revoked”