Error when logging into DataDear in excel




I get the following error when logging into Datadear in excel:

Oops - the access token for this organisation has not been authorised or has been revoked.

Can you advise step by step how to resolve this as it isnt clear.




Hi Sunny

We have reset your last connected organisation - can you check again and see if that works!


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Hi Neville,

Still having the same issue. Can you urgently update on what we need to do to resolve this?




I have been getting this error for two days now, despite reconnecting the company 50 times. This has seriously hampered my work. Please can anyone help resolve this?


Hi Kim

We have been having problems since last Thursday and can’t any response now. Let me know if you get any joy. This is seriously delaying our month end and we’ve had radio silence from Support since an email Friday morning, suggesting something which didn’t work.


Neville any answer on this?



This is a generic message which is typically displayed when an error coming from Xero cannot be understood by DataDear. Even though the message may be the same, the cause is typically different depending on what the user is using DataDear.

The only know issue is that some organisations are experiencing this problem when using the DataDear P&L Multiple Period report and using certain functionality. So if you are experiencing this problem, I invite you to follow this forum thread - Profit & Loss - Multiple Periods report


No I am trying to import bank transactions - cannot even login into the company as get the error immediately

This is a serious issue as it is severely affecting month end work


I am getting truly frustrated with support on this issue

I cannot even connect to the company - so the template being used does not make any difference, it happens on all templates. Please can someone senior look into this as a matter of urgency


Hi @kimdeere

I am sorry if you feel frustrated however please do keep in mind that with software there is a process to follow between each logged issue all the way to a release of a fix. I can assure you that the DataDear team is very reactive and understands priorities in all decisions that are taken. It is very important to work with the support team so they can identify any issue as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the team release a hot fix earlier today - this is not related to the template. It is worth double checking if this fixed your issue.


Hi @sunnyd89 - Can you please check if you are still experiencing this problem?


Still having the same issue - 2 weeks now data dear has been unusable - very disappointing when you rely on a tool like we do and it fails for this amount of time


A follow up on this case - this was due to a large volume of contacts in the bank transactions template. The error was misleading and it took a while to get to the bottom of the problem. Thank you for sending all the required info to solve the mystery! A workaround will be available in the next release. Stay tuned!