Error while doing getting started document

Hi, excited to try datadear out but unfortunately im getting an error on the 2nd step of the getting started sheet:

Told me to contact support - not sure if this forum is the right place for that but couldn’t find a ticket system, hope that’s ok! As you can see in the picture, no error codes or anything so not sure what else would be helpful to provide to figure the issue out.

This was after I pressed “Refresh current sheet (Quick)” - tried a few times, same error message then excel freezes and crashes


I tried it elsewhere and the error seems to only happen in the getting started document :slight_smile: So not a huge issue for me but probs should look into fixing that as wouldn’t want other new users to be discouraged by it :smiley:

Hi @LukeWT

Thank you for looking into DataDear.

Your feedback has been received - we will have a look at the Getting Started document to make sure all working examples are functional. Hope you liked the document and it helped you understand more how DataDear works and if this can help you with the problem you need to solve.

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Fantastic, thanks @Neville have a good weekend!: )

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